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Corporate/Industrial videos.

VHS, BETA, 8mm, HI8,

VHS-C, Mini-DV, Camcorder tapes

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OLD 8mm and 16mm film

Price: 10 cents per foot.

(Those little yellow boxes or Blue plastic reels are 50 foot, so that is $5.00)

Media such as 8mm, super 8, and 16mm film were not meant to last forever. Why take the chance of damaging your film using your old projector if you even have one? Let us create a backup copy on DVD and/or an external hard drive. I.V.P. has been  transferring Old Film for over 20 years

Thanks to technological advances, Corporate/Industrial videos have now become very sophisticated. At I.V.P. we have created Corporate/Industrial videos for a wide range of industries. We have woked with hundreds of business leaders over the years

Educational & Instructional
Any video that shows how to use a product or service; or that demonstrates how a process works, is an Educational/Instructional video.

Many products and services require an explanation for first-time customers on how to use them. How-To or Instructional videos are great ways to not only demonstrate the unique features of your product or service but but also provide peace of mind to your customers in how to use them.

Digital • Film • analog


$14.00 for the first one.

If you have multiple tapes call for a package price

We can digitize any tape you find in your attic, basement or garage. Soon they will no longer be watchable and your memories will fade forever. We handle all formats, from VHS to 8mm to MiniDV to Beta